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Meet Amele!


Amele is a 9 year old girl.

Life for Amele's family is challenging.  She has a mother and a father who live in a pleasant village, grow a lot of what they need to eat and have a little left over to sell. 

However Amele's 4 cousins were recently welcomed into the family after their father died, bringing the total household to 8 kids. Everyone lives together in their grandmother's small house and shares what they have. 

Fiji Kids! is delighted to be able to offer them educational support.

Amele enjoys attending school and her favourite subject is English.

When she is not at school she loves to watching movies.

Amele travels to school each day on foot.

When she grows up, Amele wants to be a teacher.





Amele's family house

Amele's family of 11 people share this house

Teacher’s comments:

Amele's family is a large one with her cousins joining them and little to go around.  I recommend that Fiji Kids support them.

Amele is now sponsored!