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Meet Pravikash!

Pravikash with his Mum

Pravikash is an 11 year old boy.

He is a very bright, dedicated student who is performing very well at school.

His parents are only able to obtain casual work and it is a constant struggle to not only earn enough to support the family, but also to keep Pravikash at school.

Pravikash enjoys attending school and his favourite subject is english.

When he is not at school he is an avid reader of story books.

Pravikash travels to school each day on foot walking around 1.5km each way.

When he grows up, Pravikash would like to be a pilot.





Teacher' Comments:

Pravikash's father is a casual labourer and does not earn enough to pay for school. Pravikash performs very well in class and in his most recent exams came 3rd. He deserves support so he can continue his education.


Pravikash at home
Pravikash with his parents at home

Pravikash is now