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Meet Save!


Savenaca (Save) is an 11 year old boy.

Save's father was badly injured in a work accident in 2009.  He became wheel chair bound but later died. 

In Fiji there is little support available for victim's families.  Save's mother moved away taking the older 2 children with her and leaving Save with his Uncle and 3 cousins.  They live in very humble conditions without electricity. 

Save's uncle earns a living through subsistence farming.
Save enjoys attending school and his favourite subject is English.

When he is not at school he loves to play rugby.

Save travels to school each day by carrier.

When he grows up, Save wants to be a professional rugby player and represent Fiji.





Teacher's comments:

Save's father passed away and his mother moved away with the twins. 

He relies on his Uncle for a place to stay in the village.

I recommend him for educational support.

Save is now sponsored.