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Meet Thirwashni!


Thirwashni lives with her mother and brother in very impoverished circumstances. Her Mum works as a cleaner a few days a week, earning very little. They pay rent for the dwelling they live in and they often must rely on the kindness of others to meet their needs.

Thirwashni enjoys attending school and her favourite school subject is science.

When she is not at school she loves to play volleyball.

Thirwashni travels to school each day by foot.

When she grows up, Thirwashni wants to be a flight attendant.

Teacher’s comments:

Thirwashni is in class 8 at our school. Her mother is a single parent and the only breadwinner in this family. Thirwashni needs financial support.

Thirwashni is sponsored by Jacqueline Calder.

Jacqui is ensuring Thirwashni receives the education every child deserves.